Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The weather here in Denver looks to be pretty mild for the holidays. There's a little snow on the ground but not much. So, thought I'd put up a few shots I took last weekend in Minneapolis to make it feel a bit more like a white Christmas.

I don't know the variety of this tree but the red fruit peeking out through the falling snow was beautiful.

This big old pine is magnificent.

Since coming back to Colorado, I've not worn my hat and gloves once and often will walk out the front door without zipping up my coat.

In Minnesota the snow is beautiful. The people are lovely. Children are rosy cheeked. But, the cold hurt my bones. So I do believe that when I retire it will be down to New Mexico and not further north.

[Images all taken in Minneapolis, MN by Al Gunn: December 2008]

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