Monday, September 29, 2008

MySudiyo not quite what I'm looking for...

Last Wednesday, I wrote about building an online quiz through Mystudiyo and this past week I had the opportunity to use it in my classroom. Here are my follow up thoughts.

Set up for kids was easy. I was able to get a class to the site and have them create an account with little or no problem. I sent them the URL for my quiz and they all successfully navigated to that spot and started taking the quiz. The results started popping into my reports section almost immediately. Some kids took the quiz several times and their highest score was posted. Most of them figured this out before me and took the quiz 2-3 times until they got a perfect score. I couldn't figure out a way to go in and see all their scores, just the highest. Don't think it's possible to look at anything but the highest?

We explored the program a bit as a class and discussed how they might use this application for their personal use and then moved on to the day's lesson.While I liked the setup and ease of use in the classroom, I was a little disappointed in the information I got back in the report. I won't be using this application for formal testing because:
  • No way to limit number of times a student can take test or at least see their first score.
  • In timing mode it gives me an adjusted score. I just want the number of right and wrong. I wish I could set this up in the reports also.
  • I'd like a way to limit it to just my students. Having more names than kids makes grading a bit more difficult.
I'll use Mystudiyo for review activities. I see myself setting it up so the students can test themselves or compete against their classmates, but not as a tool for a formal grade. Some of the kids liked the program enough to say they would come back and use it on their own as a review tool.

This is still a beta program and I'll come back and take another look in a few months but until then, I guess it's back to the search engines to find something a little more suitable to my needs.

[Images captured from Mystudiyo web site:]

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