Thursday, August 21, 2008

Most Important Factor in the Classroom

David Warlick's was recently blogging about Doug Johnston, an educator from Minnesota. David was pulling quotes from a presentation Johnston was giving at a leadership conference . Some of the statements peaked my interest and I googled my way over to Johnston's website where I spent some time reading and exploring. He has a page called My Biases where he lists his beliefs about education, technology and several other topics. I enjoyed reading them and was inspired to load up my own word processor and start my own list. I'll share one of mine.
The single most important factor in any classroom is the teacher.
This is a humbling and an empowering belief on my part. It is also handy to chant when you are short on supplies, desks or half your computers have crashed.

[Image: "Teaching": Flickr: July 25, 2007 by jmurawski: Modified with cheesy special effects by Al Gunn ]

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