Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Editing to Music

One last idea from the Videomaker Conference I recently attended. This technique was discussed in a session on Editing the first day and then we got a chance to try it out during the Premiere workshop the following day.

Most folks who edit have edited something to match the beat of a song. Determine the count of the music and then time your cuts to that rhythm. I teach this to my students usually in reference to creating a music video. What the conference showed me is that you can use a music selection to create the rhythm of your video but it does not have to be the music you use in your final production.

I didn't really see how this might work until I tried it. I cut a short piece to match the beat on "Moonlight Sonata". Then I experimented with changing the background music. Some songs were a faster tempo. Some slower. Some about the same. It didn't seem to matter. The edited video flowed nicely with any of the selections. Even when the cuts didn't fall on any particular beat, the two tempos just seemed to meld. Fascinating.

The presenters did warn us that if the tempo changed drastically it might not fit. (But even then, sometimes it does.) I'm excited to try this out with my students.

[Image: "Feel Music": Flickr: Uploaded on May 5, 2006 by XŤЯΣΛМ i: http://www.flickr.com/photos/xtream_i/140875083/]

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