Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stop Motion Animation

Neatorama posted a stop motion animation from PES recently and I liked it so much, I used it as one of my Friday funnies. I was curious about PES and went over to their site to look around and there is lots of great stuff. [Warning---there are a few things here you don't want to show in your classroom, so as always, preview anything you might present to the children and save yourself a trip to the principals office.]

Adam Pesapane is the animator and brains (camera?) behind PES. One thing I love about these films are their use of everyday objects presented in a different way. Clown heads become the flame discharge on a gun (Kaboom). Post-it notes become pats of butter (Western Spaghetti).

He also has a few films that aren't stop motion. For example, "Dogs of War" intermixes some old war footage with modern footage to great effect. I'm going to show this clip to my video students as an example of good editing.

I've embedded a short video from the site made by Adam on the making of "Kaboom". He explains some of the objects in the film and why he used them. This video by itself is a nice piece of film making. Head over to the site and spend an hour or so watching some great little films.

[Image captured from "Making of Kaboom On PES website:]

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