Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High school student isolates microbe that breaks down plastic

Saw a reference to this article and tracked it down at TheRecord.Com. Seems that a Daniel Burd, a high school student in Canada, got curious about how to deal with all the plastic he saw around him. He started experimenting to find the microbes that eat it. His thinking was if he could isolate them and concentrate them, then maybe he could speed up the process. (Anything that might shorten the 1000 year process would be helpful) He succeeded and won the Canada Wide Science Fair along with a $10,000 dollar prize and a hefty scholarship.

Read the article for a description of how he set up his experimental process. Interesting.

Share this with your students when they complain about not being able to do anything. Inspiring.

[Image captured from Youth Science Foundation Canada: http://apps.ysf-fsj.ca/virtualcwsf/projectdetails.php?id=1390&year=2008&province=&keyword=plastic&name=&categoryid=3&divisionid=&regionid=]

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