Thursday, May 29, 2008

Building a Shed

I've been thinking about building a shed. I live in a suburban neighborhood and I don't want the shed to be taller than my fence as my neighbors already have to look at me in my summer cut-offs and sexy, stained TIE conference t-shirt during the summer. They don't need to have a shed in their line of sight too.

I looked at a few pre-built buildings and they are either too tall or too small for what I want. What I want is a place I can keep my mower and various tools. My garage isn't big enough for all the garden stuff, my power tools and two vehicles. Part of the reason this project has been on the back burner for so long is that the part of my yard where I want it is slanted and covered in rock. I hate moving rock!

Seeing this article on Make about a man who built his own shed has got me motivated to at least come up with a design. He has several features that I may adapt to my own situation. He uses four strong corner posts. I think I could do something like that and it might save me lots of time trying to level an area of ground and moving all that rock. He also has a lattice system for the floor that he then fills with gravel. I could do something similar and once again save some time in regards to leveling the area where I want to build.

Now I just have to figure out how to make something that isn't tall but is still functional. I am currently playing with the idea of a roof that can be lifted up. I guess rather than a shed, it would be more like a big storage box with a door on one side where I could roll in the mower.

If I actually do get any further than thinking about it, I will post some pictures.

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