Monday, April 14, 2008

Technology Lesson Plans

I was exploring the Association for Career and Technology Education (ACTE) website and found this section of technology lesson plans.

Here are a few sample titles with brief descriptions:
  • Scale Drawings :Students sketch an enlargement of a cartoon using geometry and ratios. Secondary.
  • The Barbie Bungee Drop: To create a mathematical model or equation relating the distance a Barbie doll will fall and the number of rubber bands making up the bungee cord. Goes with Barbie Bungee Drop. Middle school, secondary.
  • Cereal for all: Students take a cereal box apart to determine the total surface area of the box and how much material is needed to create the box. Secondary.

The lessons download as word documents and anyone can access this area of the site. Some of the plans have more information than others. I would have liked a bit more narrative and a listing of standards being taught. Overall though, I thought if I were looking for ideas, this would be a perfectly acceptable place to get started.

[Image captured from homepage of ACTE:]

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