Monday, March 17, 2008

Building a Banjo

After writing about tearing a banjo down last week, I ran across this post on Make that had a flickr stream detailing all the steps to building a wooden banjo. Fascinating.

I tracked down the fellow who posted the pictures and he sells handmade banjos out in Massachusetts. His site is fun to browse and if you are interested in instrument building, his blog is filled with information about his methodology.

Someday I am going to build a gourd banjo. I am pretty sure it is my destiny!

[Image: "canarywood2side"; flickr: J.P.Banjo:]


  1. Do it! Do it!

    I started one a few years ago. I haven't finished it yet because a) I suck; and b) I'm busy. but I will, some sweet glorious day.

  2. Rob,

    Just finished reading through your web page and you've inspired me. I think I'm going to move this project onto my summer schedule of home repairs.

    A banjo is just as important as fixing the gutters on the house! ;-)