Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lego Geodesic Dome

I tried to do build a geodesic dome using Lego pieces once many years ago after reading a book about Buckminster Fuller. I failed miserably. A secondary reason I had for trying to build a dome out of Lego was that I wanted to replace a specialized dome kit we used in the technology lab. The kit was expensive and after my kids built it, they often said, "So what?" This was as much a failure on my part as it was the kit we used. I thought if I could get them to build one out of Lego, then they could incorporate the dome into more complex models. We could design some experiments to compare domes with other structures. I wasn't willing to let them potentially destroy parts in the more expensive dedicated kit and I thought Lego would be a good alternative.

If I had only seen this description back then. While your at the site take a peek at all the photos of his other creations. There are also some links to other locations if you are or your students are interested in exploring the topic.

[Original Story Source: Boing Boing: Lego Geodesic Dome: David Pescovitz: Jan 15, 2008]
[Image: Zemidotnet:]

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