Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Compact Printed Calendar

I used a Palm Pilot for several years and finally gave up on it for several reasons. One of my major complaints was I couldn't get a multi-month calender view. I went back to a small notebook with a small nine month calender pasted in the front. Call me old fashioned, but as a teacher, I needed to see that nine month view.

My original printed multi-month calendar was something I found in a book and then reduced using a copy machine. At some point I found and downloaded an Excel template for a 12 month one page gem. Since it was a template, I could modify it anyway I saw fit. I blocked out our school holidays. I bolded the beginning and ending dates of terms. That calendar was open whenever I sat down to plan lessons. I scribbled notes in it's margins and erased them. I circled dates and weeks. I could draw a block around multiple weeks. I've yet to find the electronic calendar that lets me fiddle with in this fashion. Until then I will be using both a printed version and an electronic one.

I was pleased to see a template for a Compact calendar reviewed at LifeHacker. I downloaded my 2008 version and have it ready to go. If you're like me and need to see multiple months at a time, give this a try.

[Original Link Lifehacker /gina Trapani/The 2008 Compact Calendar Now Available/Dec 3, 2007]
[Image: Grabbed from DavidSeah.Com: http://davidseah.com/blog/compact-calendar/]

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