Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Switching from the Lego RCX to the Lego NXT

After finding the Constructopedia last week and writing about it, I got to wondering about the differences between the old Mindstorms with the yellow RCX brick and the new ones with the fancy NXT brick. I did a some research and came up with the following article, Switching from the RCX to the NXT: A Report from One Classroom by Barbara Bratzel. She discusses the switch from using the old to the new in her classroom.
"There are a host of small improvements—the ease of downloading programs, the adjustable volume on the NXT, the more sensitive light sensor, the ability to synchronize the motors. Inevitably, there are also some losses. I miss the simplicity of the RCX motors and the ability to switch their polarity by reversing a lead. I miss the ease with which one could build a sturdy two-motor car."
She gives examples of how she changed her lessons to adapt to the new kits and ends with a list of 5 tips for you switchers out there. It's a good read if you are thinking about upgrading.

[Bratzel, Barbara . "Switching from the RCX to the NXT: A Report from One Classroom." Lego Engineering. 2006. Center for Engineering Educational Outreach, Tufts University . 22 Oct 2007 .]
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