Thursday, November 15, 2007

Frugal Lighting for Video

Lighting a video shoot is not one of my strengths. I blame my color blindness but, it's more likely that I just don't work with it enough. One reason I've not had much experience with formal lighting is the expense of professional kits. For the price of a few lights I could get lots of other equipment that I felt I needed more for my labs.

Last year I shared space with the photography teacher and began to see that I may have been mistaken. Her students were did some amazing things with lights. I've been intrigued by articles I've read over the past year about using cheap lighting for photography purchased from Home Depot or your local hardware store. If you are just starting out or trying to set up an inexpensive light kit for a school, this might be a way to go.

Here is a short post on the Strobist that walks you through the fluorescent light aisle of Home Depot with the frugal photographer in mind. The entire blog is about lighting. There is also a ton of pictures done by the author and his readers. I cruised through the site and saw a few pictures that were slightly risque. There wasn't anything you wouldn't see in a woman's fashion magazine but I still don't think I would chance sending kids to this site to explore. (Why I am reading women's fashion magazines is a whole other story!)

[Image: © Dawid Kasprzak -]

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