Thursday, November 29, 2007

Death by Powerpoint

How many times have you been in an audience and the speaker puts up their PowerPoint and then says one of the following?
"I know that this is hard to read but..."

"You don't need to read this one. It's in the handouts."

"Let me read this slide to you."

After one or two of these comments, I pretty much start planning my lessons for next week, thinking about the mountains or writing spectacular poetry in the margins of my notes.

I'd like to say that I always create decent presentations, but I often fall into the trap of too little time and too much information. Improving my skill in this area is a personal goals. I guess as teachers we are constantly trying to improve our presentation skills. At least I hope that's true.

This presentation, Death By PowerPoint, has some great information.

If you want some examples of good slide presentations watch a Steve Jobs keynote or pretty much 90% of the presentations on TED.

[Image: Derived from: Creative Commons Jan 23, 2007: Photo-Mojo:]

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