Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Video Scrapbook

I have a friend who every year made a scrapbook of the previous years events and presented it to her sweetheart for Christmas. She had a great time picking out the photos and graphics, making up clever titles and putting it all together. Over time the two of them had a series of scrapbooks that they both treasured.

An article in VideoMaker, The Craft of Family History Videos: Making Classics Out of Clutter, got me to thinking about my friends scrapbooks and how this kind of project doesn't have to be made out of only photos. It could be a video compilation, as described in the article. It could be a web page that had bits and pieces of different media.

This could be modified into a super lesson plan for a video class.

Last year, I had a young lady create a web site about a trip she had taken to Japan. Her family made the journey in the middle of the semester and when she came to talk to me about how she could make up the work for the web class, we came up with this idea . She took photos and kept a journal during her trip that became the core her site. It was one of my favorite projects from that semester.

[Image: Rawlings, Jeanne. "The Craft of Family History Videos: Making Classics Out of Clutter." VideoMaker. VideoMaker. 19 Oct 2007 .]

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  1. Hi! I saw an article on julib.com about a Boston woman's new business creating photo/video montages for people. It's a thoughtful gift idea!