Monday, October 8, 2007

Video Bag of Tricks

My students, and their older, slightly befuddled teacher, always used to forget something when venturing out into the world, or the hallways, to shoot video. Through trial and error we created a "kit bag" that had useful items that made life easier in the field. It saved us lots of trips back to the classroom.

Videomaker has an online article,
"Alakazam! The Magic Gear Bag of Tricks" that addresses this same issue. They are much wiser than I and have included several items that never occurred to me. Although, as a teacher, I don't know that I would ever send any of my students out of my sight with a butane soldering iron. I'm not even sure what I would do with a butane soldering iron?

If you've never seen Videomaker magazine take a peek.
On the front page of their website they have an offer for a free issue. My middle school kids found the articles a little beyond them. My high school kids were more interested and would read the issues I left laying around. I eventually asked our library to subscribe.

[Image: Reff, Michael. "eNews exlusive: Alakazam! The Magic Gear Bag of Tricks." Videomaker. Oct 2007. Videomaker. 27 Sep 2007 .]

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