Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fangs for a Happy Halloween

When I was twelve years old I wanted to grow up to be a make-up artist for monster movies. I experimented with fake wounds using Jell-o as a base. I tricked the two six year old girls down the block into believing that I had been disfigured by a terrible kitchen accident. In reality, I probably just looked like an odd boy with tasty gelatin on his face. That in its self could be scary to a young child.

I scoured our little neighborhood library for clues on how the experts made fake wounds and Frankenstein masks. I bought a special issue of Monster Magazine that recommended liquid latex and other exotic items. I even sent away for a catalogue of theatrical supplies to see if I could buy any of the needed ingredients. Our hardware store didn't carry any latex, facial modeling wax or movie blood. I found out liquid latex was going to cost me $40 a gallon and fake blood $10 a jar. A weekly allowance of $2 was a great week back then for me. My dreams of being the Colorado master of horror faded.

This Halloween, I want to remember that young boy who loved those B-movie monsters. He would have given a summers worth of allowance to be able to create a pair of fangs like the ones demonstrated here by Bre Pettis and Eric Skiff of Make magazine.

Bre and Eric, fangs for the memories!

[Image: "DIY Vampire Fangs." Make Blog. 19 Oct 2007. Make Magazine. 21 Oct 2007 .]

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